Essay about Mgmt: Psychology and Long Time

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Case 1: The experiment was trying to get the people’s psychology reaction and behavior after the long-term isolation. They want to analysis the human’s thinking deeply when the people stay in one place for long time. The changes of the behavior and emotion will be the main idea about this experiment. The Russian’s kiss shown the people some instinct that when they are out of control. The behavior may come from their normal life; they may get use to living in this lifestyle such as have female (may be wife or girlfriend) stay together. When there are not female who can stay with them they are trying to get the kind of feeling back. On another hand, the Austrian and Japanese researcher didn’t do anything to the only lady; we can think about two reasons. One reason is the Japanese and Austrian didn’t stay longer enough to change. Second reason is the education and grows up environment maybe give people different reaction on this story (that maybe why the Japanese and Austrian didn’t do anything bad on the lady). The behavior of the Russian after the news showed up is a more interesting part. They try to make up and cover the bad behavior. They are using the reason as the culture differences. But everyone are more care about that is the how is the lady’s feeling. As the Austrian said: if a woman doesn’t want to be kissed, it is not acceptable. I think as a culture issue that we respect each others’ cultures but never push our culture on someone else. Such as the Muslim