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Michael Jackson also known as Prince was named to honor his mother, whom he adored. As a child Michael loved music. He always had a passion for creating songs of his own. Jackson was said to be gay, but it was not true. His voice was a major factor in this act of launching his way up to stardom. For example people often would say his voice would vary from a girlish voice to a more masculine voice, it mattered how he was feeling. As the eighth son, Michael was also "a cloud headed child who loved rainbows and reading." As written in the chapter, " Alone, he puts on classical records, because he finds they soothe his mind. In 1978, Michael had his first nose job, and his new single, "Off the Wall" that was released, which was an obscure event. He also had his African American skin color removed to a white tone. Many mistook him for being a girl, but he was not. Michael being one of four brothers, later formed a group called the "Jackson 5." The Jackson 5 wrote their own songs, and their first album was "Shake Your Body( Down to the Ground)" in 1978, which was co-written by Michael and Little Randy. It was one of the best hit but it was definitely just a start. Michael by this time achieves the child stars dream of being an artist. Before Michael's achievements, "His eldest brothers had at one time been children who dreamed of child stardom." Though, Michael never knew what being a star actually meant, until he caught up with his self awareness. Michael knows that his new hit single, "Billy Jean" has just exploded off the walls for quite some time, and he makes an unforgettable deal with Gordy; that is, he will preform with his brothers as the Jackson 5 if he can sing his solo. Gordy agrees. Michael turns out to be a phenomenal stage performer, as he is an amazing dancer in a unique way. One move in particular "the moon walk" still now people imitate the move. Michael had a unique place called Neverland Ranch which was a spiderweb, luring young children to come and