Michael Jackson Major Accomplishments

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In our lives we watch pop stars rise and fall. Many of those pop stars are still cherished by countless numbers of people even after their deaths because of their passion. Michael Jackson made a substantial impact on society in music industry with help from his dance contributions, his life accomplishments, and his erratic personality roaming in the tabloids.
Michael Jackson was born in Gary, Indiana, where he also started his career on the record label Motown (“Rebel Frequencies”). Michael and his brothers started a family band which they called the Jackson 5. Michael and his brothers had a successful career but eventually Michael split from the group and created his own career. During his solo career he created his most famous album, “Thriller”,
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When it comes to Michael’s top awards, there are too many to count but he is still given endless credit. Michael was one of the top ten artists in 1980 (Hanmer 66). As well as being noticed as a rising star in 1980, Michael also won his first Grammy that same year (Heatley 196). The accomplishments made by Michael Jackson can be recreated by anyone but recreating his certain style and passion will be nearly impossible to do. In a novel called Triumph & Tragedy: The life of Michael Jackson, the author wrote, “Michael Jackson didn't just grab the gold ring: He hooked it to a new bar and set it even higher, and nobody has yet snatched it with quite the same flair or results” (“Michael Jackson Biography”). Michael had huge success in his life and some of his accomplishments are unforgettable today. After his death in 2009, he was crowned the biggest selling artist of his time (“Michael Jackson Biography”). Not only did Michael make amazing music, he is one of the first artists to be a worldwide phenomena. For so many more reasons that can be listed off, Michael was honored as “Pop Artist of the Millennium” in Berlin, Germany (Weinraub). This honor is something more people should have recognized with all of the effort and love that he has put into the