Michael Lewis The Big Short Summary

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I completed my Book review on The Big Short, by Michael Lewis. A great book about the housing/banking crisis in 2008. This book is a fun way to understand the banking crisis. It is both educational and funny at the same time. Michael Lewis truly did a good job on the book; by being able to catch a lot of different audiences in the way he represents the book. I myself in 2008 did not know the exact reason why the economy was going down and why America was in such a bad position economically. Reading this book has opened my eyes and really given me the insight that I was looking for to understand exactly what happened in 2008. Michael Lewis goes into the housing crises but also explains the way the stock and bond market work. In the beginning of the book Michael …show more content…
The first character is Steve Eisman, Steve was a lawyer in the corporate world that actually hated his job. Steve worked for a investment strategy firm called Oppenheimer. Steve is a very out spoken person, and is not afraid to tell you what he thinks about you in front of your face. Steve focused on people being cheated out of their money and being given loans and mortgages that the banks knew that the consumer would fail in. Later in the book Steve finds this out and is astonished and raged at the fact that mortgage bankers actually do this to people. If you just take a step back and think of the thing that banks were doing to people during this time is outrageous. How can someone have that kind of heart to actually want a person to fail on their mortgage and loan so they can take