Microscope Lab Worksheet Essay

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Microscope Lab Worksheet

Name: Jose Munoz

I. Please label the microscope diagram below.

A. objective lens
B. stage
C. Diaphragm
D. light source
E. Eyepiece or ocular
F. Stage clips
G. Coarse focus knob
H. Fine focus knob
II. Microscope Comparison
Light Microscope is a microscope is an instrument designed to see objects which are too small to see by the naked eye. The simplest optical microscope is the simple lens microscope which consists only of a single biconvex lens. An object can be magnified using such a simple lens microscope. The magnification power is small, and the distortion of the image is high. The compound microscope was developed. The traditional optical microscope has several optical elements. Namely, the mirror, microscope slide, objective lens, and eyepiece lens. The mirror gathers light from an outside light source and focuses the light on the sample placed on the slide. The slide is made of transparent glass. The light passes through the glass goes through the sample to the objective lens. The eyepiece creates an image to be observed by the eye or a camera. It must be noted that only samples can be observed using such a microscope.
Electronic Microscope is a microscope that must satisfy several requirements. These requirements are an observation method a focusing method and how the final image is produced. The observation method or analysis method used in the electron microscope is a beam of electrons. When a beam of electrons hit a certain material