Microsoft and Open Workbench Essay

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Peeradol Sobhawongse

November 17, 2014

CIS 372-40

Dr. Wong

1. Open Workbench software: Open Workbench is a desktop application for project management and scheduling in which you can define a work breakdown structure, set dependencies and resource constraints, assign resources to tasks, auto schedule, and the monitor progress. - Pros: Free software completed with manuals and sample projects. It can exchange files with Microsoft Project, Support options includes community forums that are open to all users, various training packages, third party support, and supported by a large group of users and developers. It would be a cost effective alternative that would compare favorably to MS Project. -Cons: Somewhat confusing user interface, especially for those who are not experienced with MS Project and other similar software. Must register before downloading software. Advanced functions and complex features may intimidate and confuse novice users in SRC. In addition, Open Workbench cannot open files produced by Microsoft Project and instead the transfer between the two software must take place using an XML file.

Here are some images I have gathered of Open Workbench:

2. See Excel Attachment

3. See MS Project Attachment

4. Dear Teammates, Here is a handout of do’s and don’t regarding project management:
The Do’s:
Have a Project Plan – comprehensive and detailed plan for new project
Identify dependencies and risks
Understand the