Microsoft Word and Photographic Essay

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|Assignment Task Sheet |
|Photographic Essay & Discussion |
|The Arts- Digital Photography |
|Teacher: |Name: Anna Davy |
|Ms Davy | |
| |Date Due: Week 5 Thursday (10th November ) |
|Task Description: |
|Your task is to create and discuss a Photographic Essay. |
|A photo-essay (or photographic essay) is a set or series of photographs that are intended to tell a story or evoke a series of emotions in the |
|viewer. You will also be asked to discuss your reasoning behind your choices. |
|Decide on a theme for your photographic essay (for example relaxing, dancing, sport, rainforests, faces etc). Try to pick an exciting theme. |
|Using the internet, especially the following websites (,,, research your |
|theme/topic and save 4 – 5 images that are unusual, unique, appealing and overall ‘WOW!’ |
|Save each image onto a Microsoft Word document. |
|Photographic Essay |Written discussion |
|Each image will need a creative title. |Continuing on from your photographic essay begin your discussion paper. |
|Each image will need a description of its visual features (pretend you’re|You will need a creative title that includes your theme. |
|explaining the image to someone who cannot see it). |An introduction paragraph on WHY you chose your theme (4-5 lines). |
|You will also need to express your feelings towards the individual image |A second paragraph on how you FEEL when you see the images (5-7 lines). |
|A total of 4-6 typed lines per image (size 12 font). |A Third paragraph on comparing the images to each other. What’s |
| |different, what’s similar visually, emotionally etc. (5-7 lines). |
| |A fourth paragraph on a possible message your photographic essay could |
| |have for others. (5-7 lines). |
|Conditions: |
|Form: |Written |
|Conditions: |Name in ‘header or footer’ of document. |
| |4-5 Images