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TECH 3160 - Technology Entrepreneurship
Sections 90 and 91 (CRN 81057 and 81058), 100% Online Course,
Fall Semester, 2014, 3 semester credit hours
Course Syllabus

Disabilities Services Statement - Individuals with disabilities who need to request accommoda­tions should contact the Disability Services Coordinator, Student Center 255, 678-466-5445,

‘No Show' Course Verification: For 100% On-line courses, students must confirm their class particip­a­ti­on. See No Show Course Verification Announcement in D2L (Desire 2 Learn) for specific information. This ‘No Show' quiz MUST be completed before Tuesday, August 26, 2014, by 11:59 PM. Class Meetings: There are no ground classes meetings as this is a 100% Online course.

Instructor Information: Dr. Thomas W. Garsombke, Office Phone: 678-466-4865. Fax Number: 678-466-4797. Email: use D2L course email function for all course communication. Office Location: Faculty Hall 131D. Office Hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 3:30 PM - 6:30 PM.
Required Textbook: Essentials of Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management, N. Scarborough, 7th edition, 2013, ISBN-10: 0132666790, ISBN-13: 978-0132666794, paperback, Pearson Prentice Hall Publishing Company, NJ.
Supplemental Materials and Readings: To be determined. ­Other cases, art­i­cles, and supple­me­n­tal mat­e­­r­i­als on appropriate topics will be handed out in class, put on reserve in the library, posted in D2L (Desire 2 Learn), or sent via e-mail.

Catalog Description: This is a course focusing on the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and technology for both technical and applied business-minded students from all majors. This course explores the key theoretical and empirical perspectives on entrepreneurship relevant to the current global technology world. This course also provides students with the tools necessary to create and grow a successful, innovative technology enterprise. Topics covered include discove­ring and analyzing new opportunities, preparing strategies of engagement and organizational implementation within an evolving technological environment.

Program and Course Learning Outcomes BAS Program Learning Outcomes: This course contributes to the following program goals for students who earn a Bachelor of Applied Science degree: communication skills, ethical decision making, and professional business acumen.

The Technology Entrepreneurship course is designed to provide the st­udent with a basic under­sta­n­d­ing of the field of technology entrepreneurship and small business/org­aniz­at­ion management; and to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills, student's written, or­al, and interpers­o­nal skills. Spe­c­ifically, this course hopes that:

1. Students will understand the concepts of technology entrepreneurship and small business/org­a­n­ization management as formulated and implemented by individuals and bu­s­in­e­sses. This will be measured through freq­uent course discu­s­si­ons of as­s­ig­n­ed textual and article readings, and case analysis. They will also be measu­red through the development of a written business plan, course presentation of that business plan, mini-essay and essay questions on the co­mp­r­e­hen­s­ive final examination.

2. Students will develop critical thinking and problem solving skills to the diagnosis and soluti­on of problems and issues related to the concepts of technology entrepreneurship and small business/organizational management. This will be measured by course discussions of case analysis, and exper­i­e­­n­t­ial exercises. They will also be measured through written executive summaries, and a written business plan, mi­ni-essay and essay questions on the comprehensive final exam­ination.

3. Students will develop writing and oral skills to communicate technology entrepreneurship and small business/organizational management subjects, ideas, and issues. This will be measured through frequent course discussions