Essay on Middle Eastern Peace Conference

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Middle Eastern Peace Conference

The first issue Turkey sees pressing the Middle East is the decision the United States will be making in regards to Afghanistan. The popular decision seems to be that U.S. troops should leave Afghanistan beginning in 2014. However that is easier said than done and Turkey doesn’t want to make light of the fact that it is a fragile area. We would like to address the United States to ensure that if they are to withdrawal, troops will do so conscientiously, trying to avoid creating more problems than they have solved over the past decade.
We would also like to address Afghanistan in saying we do not believe the Afghan security forces are in a condition to push for withdrawal. The border between Afghanistan and Pakistan is not stable and is more of a mere “concept”. Since Osama bin Laden was found in Pakistan there is a very high chance members of Al Qaeda still remain there and would invade and plan to conquer. In this situation there would be almost no way for Afghanistan to fight back effectively. To prevent this Turkey wants the United States to work closely with Pakistan government and stabilize Afghanistan further before troops pull out.
Furthermore, Turkey would like to address The Muslim Brotherhood and the progress of a draft for Egypt. The Brotherhood has recently rejected a new constitution proposed by Egypt suggesting "abusive coupists" were trying to "distort Egypt's legitimate constitution". This constitution they are referring to was adopted last year under President Mohammed Morsi who has since been removed from power following mass protests. In plainer terms the Brotherhood feels that a group is trying to usurp power in the government and plan to do so under the terms of the recently proposed constitution Regardless of what the brotherhood thinks the draft was passed by a group of 50 elected officials and calls for a presidential election. Turkey and Egypt have had a strong relationship for a long time so we believe they should consider our recommendation for a new draft. The new draft condones to the continuation of military trials for civilians and keeps Sharia (Islamic moral code) as the…