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Varvara Protopop
Essay # 4
(Midterm In-class Essay)
ESL 192 –Professor Garlock
October 29, 2014
My life-changing experience as a college student
Mostly every student enters college expecting good times, friendship, love, knowledge and a new sense of direction. They find out soon that college comes with its own challenges and struggles because of the great demands that are put on the importance of education. College students have to get through a lot of daily stress in order to become successful, especially the ones who live a double or life: being a student and an employee at the same time, trying to balance between having a social life and raising children. The demands of doing many different things with a little time sometimes can be overwhelming. When I look at pictures of myself as a young child, I remember that life was easy and I had no worries at all. Time progressed and I start to give myself a lot of question like” What is going to happen in a few years?” or “What am I going to be when I grew up?” As time went on I started to have an idea of what I want for myself, and I knew exactly that I wanted to live the American dream and be a student in college abroad, I wanted a life-changing experience. So after applying and accepted to study abroad my dream came true and I had the chance to experience a new direction. Personally being a student abroad changed not just my life but changed my character and attitude towards people and things a lot: I became a very responsible person, knowing that I have to manage my time on my own between my two jobs and school and I am more serious about it because my future depends just on myself. I have to take every chance and opportunity to make for myself a bright future and a better life. During the first semester, I did feel