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Gabrielle Jones
01, June 2014
International Business
The Best Political and Economic System A political system is one which involves politics and government officials. An economic system is a system which focuses on production of goods and services. I do not believe there is "such thing" as a perfect political or economic system, however, I do believe that a Individualism Political System and a Market Economic System would be best. From my research, I've learned that Individualism and Collectivism have been compared to each other for many years. Is your life "yours" or does it belong to the group of society in which you belong to? People who argue for Collectivism would state that it belongs to the group, as Individualists would say that it belongs to us. They are complete opposites. I believe in an Individualism political economy because I believe that we all have our own individual rights, the ability to decide depending on our own individual judgements and the right to live our life the way that we see as fair. Individualism is made up of two central tenents: 1) emphasis on the importance of guarenteeing individual freedom and self expression, 2) welfare of society is best served by letting people persue their own economic self-interest (page 48-9, chapter 2). Indiviualism also is also an advocate for democratic political systems and market economies which can create a stronger and better environment for world-wide businesses. Individualism is the best type of system for a Political Economy. Just like with Individualism, a Market Economy System is a