Milky Way Research Paper

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The Milky Way has over 100 Billion planets, and the Milky way is only one galaxy out of over 100 billion. Still, we have barely explored a fraction of the Milky Way, leaving so many possibilities for us to find life. We can see some planets, and our orbiting stars, with our current telescopes, and our telescopes are getting better with our advancing technology. The moon, for example, is the first planet we have been to, and our most familiar planet. Expeditions to mars are being planned, and scientists are hoping to get to mars soon. Trying to find life is very hard, because we do not have a good grasp of our galaxy yet, and find signs are hard. It will take a lot of luck and time to find. There are many planets like Earth out in the universe, and these planets that are stable enough to hold life are difficult to find since they have to be perfect in temperature and resources. One planet like Earth is called Kepler-452b, and it is very similar to Earth. Kepler-452b is only 1.6 times larger than Earth. The planet is our best bet yet of finding ExtraTerrestrial Life. Kepler-452b is our best option yet for life because it is not insanely far on a space scale. It also has …show more content…
For example, telescopes are advancing fast with our technology and super scopes to look very far away are being made. Wide-First Infrared Survey Telescope, or WFIST is a high powered infrared ray telescope for looking at far away planets. There is another telescope called the K2 telescope. It can see oceans and skies of other planets, which is very helpful for finding planets with life on them. Light rays can be used to find planets, by using prisms to find dark spots in planets. It means light wavelengths find a change in color, which creates a black gap, indicating gases on a planet. It also finds smog for pollution for ET evidence. Finding evidence of ET is hard, but with our advancing technology, it will be