Millions: Robbery and Better Place Essay

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Dear, Diary
Today couldn’t be any more bazar than it already is and with everything that has been going on lately I really don’t know what to make of it anymore it’s all so confusing. For example I’ve been wetting the bed and I haven’t done that since mom went to a better place. I wish she didn’t have to go to a better place I wish she would of stayed with us and then we could of told her about the £250,000 which I still think god gave to us even if it was the robbers . God works in mysterious ways did you know! If mom was still with us we wouldn’t be in such a sticky situation she would of helped sort it all out but I can’t say anything to dad I have to be excellent for him so that he does not leave and go to a better place with mom and leave me and Anthony here, but then again it would be easier to buy stuff with the money then because we wouldn’t have to hide it from dad but I would rather have dad ,mom ,me and Anthony all together in a better place so we could all live together as a happy family and not have to hide secrets from dad any more but it’s true you can’t buy love or happiness with money . I hate hiding thing from dad it would be easier to of just told him in the first place but now I know I really can’t after Anthony told me all about that the money came from a well organised bank robbery. I really think it would be so easier if all these horrid feeling just went away from me and never came back But to be fair about it these feelings are