Minimum Wage Law Research Paper

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Jung Woon Lee
English 126
Minimum for Life
When I was 20, I was looking for something meaningful to make me feel like an adult, and so I decided to get a part-time job. For me, the wage was not initially a priority, unlike many young people who have to work for tuition fees, because I just wanted to get job experience with thinking about the value of money.
I worked at a convenience store as a part-time job. My workday started at 12:00 a.m. and lasted 6 hours. I chose that time because the wage rate was higher than daytime work even though my priority was not earning money. Working at a convenience store was all about physical labor, and I also had to fight against sleep. It was so hard that I couldn’t expect to hang out with friends or take time for hobbies despite having two days off.
Above all, one of the hardest problems was the low wage rate and the tyranny of my employer. I felt that it was not an equal contract between an employee and an employer. The employer exploited my labor by his position as my superior. A temporary employee that has no legal job security can’t assert labor rights effectively. My employer paid me a lower wage than the minimum hourly wage rate that Congress had enacted and
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The minimum wage law was enacted to protect workers from a raw deal. In Korea, the legal minimum wage is about 5 dollars, and it had increased 7.1% compared with last year. It is still an unreasonably small amount in that with only 5 dollars, workers can’t eat anything for lunch. A more serious problem is that temporary workers even can’t receive the legal minimum wage. It is a social issue these days, and many politicians talk about it to attract political support from the public however there aren’t obvious solutions. The public and politicians only seem to be concerned about the minimum wage growth rate without worrying about policies to enforce the rights of