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Team Reflection: Principles and Strategies

July 15, 2013
Tiffany Mytty-Klein

Team Reflection: Principles and Strategies
Principles and strategies that applies for a small, medium and large organization is what Team A had to discuss this week for each of our chosen business to be compliant with state and country laws while starting their businesses or expanding to a new state or country. We collectively analyzed three businesses that were exploring different possibilities for expanding operation in Texas, Arizona and India, however, none of us chose to write about the expansion to India project in our individual papers. Each business will decide the strategic plan that is appropriate for their business however; it was each
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To sum up, we are analyzing the strategies that were applies for a small, medium and large organization. Those clients are planning to expand or start the business in different geographical places that his original home business. In addition, as part of this analysis, the businesses must have a strategic plan that will allow the companies to create a hiring process that complies with federal and states labor laws.

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