Essay about Mistakes: American Films and Normal Everyday Life

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Mistakes Are Opportunities For Learning Someone once said that, “mistakes are opportunities for learning.” I have had this saying told to me from many years of school sports; however, I never knew what it means for a while. Let me explain on how I know what it means now. Football was the first thing that gave me a hint, at the least, about what it means. There is also school. A more consequential learning from mistakes experience. Then there is just normal everyday life. Foot ball was the first thing that gave me a clue about why people, including me, make mistakes. I started off thinking that a mistake was something people made and forget about; however, there was always that feeling of regret after you have that “mistake.” I was in the middle of a football game and I did mostly everything right. But then I made a crucial mistake of not blocking the right guy and letting them make a touchdown. That made me think that I was a huge screw-up and that I wasn't meant to play football; however, my coach told me that when you make a mistake, it is part regret, and part a learning opportunity. He told me to remember what I did and make sure not to do that in the next play. Once it came to that point in the game where I was back in, I listened to him and blocked the right guy for a safety, a 2-point score in football. That's when it dawned on me. Mistakes make you feel bad enough to try to correct what you have done and not do it again. School was one place that I realized that many mistakes happen there; however, it wasn't a place that you wanted to make a mistake in order to make yourself better. School is a place where most mistakes are made however. So, that was a good place for me to also learn that mistakes are opportunities for learning about what to do. Having already realized that if you make a mistake in school and you don't fix it as soon as you can, then it could ruin your chances to make a foundation for your life. If you get a bad grade, then you have to fix it, Common sense right? Well, if you don't fix that mistake, then it will come up on your GPA. Then it's permanent. My freshman year, I didn't really care if I got a good or bad grade. It was probably around my sophomore or junior year that I got my act together. Now, because I didn't fix mistakes then, I'm still paring for them now. Mistakes are something that everyone…