Away from Her Assignment Essay

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I. Summary of Movie
A. Give a summary of the plot and characters and the story that unfolds in this movie. Give a detailed description of the main characters’ personalities, culture, socioeconomic and historical contexts, their relationships, set the stage of “who they are’ when the movie begins, and then tell the story of what happens over the course of the film. Away from Her is a motion picture designed to depict a realistic story of the challenges individuals must face when a family member is diagnosed and is experiencing the effects of Alzheimer's disease. The onset of the film describes the lives of Fiona and Grant Anderson, who had been married for over forty-four years. They lived in Fiona's grandparent's home in Ontario for
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Rather than ruminate on the implications of what AD could result in her life and the numerous negative possibilities, she understood of the dangers she placed on herself and her husband and made the transition a lot simpler than it usually is. She was a true intellectual, and despite her AD, she managed to demonstrate what made her so special for Grant.
II. Research on Alzheimer's Disease
A. What is AD? Describe the disorder, its symptoms progression, and how it affects the lives of those who suffer from it.
Alzheimer's disease is the most prevalent and degenerative form of dementia worldwide (Alzheimer's Disease Fact Sheet, 2010). It is a progressive disease that continues to get worse a from its onset. It severely impairs general cognitive abilities and degenerates the individuals short-term and long-term memory. Beginning phases of AD include difficulty recalling short term events, with eventual loss of large amounts of memory and the inability to communicate ones thoughts to others (Stages of Alzheimers, 2011). Early symptoms of Alzheimer's disease revolve around the increase challenges in recalling newly acquired or learned information, such as a new neighbor moving into town, or the different school your granddaughter is attending. The worrisome part about the early phases of AD is the fact that these cognitive declines are also found with normal aging processes, so detection is difficult. Soon after these