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Unit 21

Task one:

1:1The contrast between personnel management and Human resource management is that personnel management basically deals with the employees. That is, their payroll, recruitment and employment laws. On the other hand, human resource management deals with the management of the work force, training and the general well-being of all employees, so in the case of Tesco personal management will deal with the staff’s wages and basic wellbeing and sort out any problems concerning the law for example health and safety law and the human resource management will look closely at the responsibilities and productivity of the employee so for example if a cashier at a Tesco retailer can only serve two customers every ten minutes then it is they who will give her extra training to improve her speed.

1:2 The main functions of HRM relating to TESCO are to recruit, select, and train and to develop the right staff; this means they find the right people at the right time and at the right place. Once the new employees have been found it is the HRM’s responsibility to make sure the staff reaches their full ability. This recruitment process starts right with the application form with this they have to judge whether the employee is going to make a good recruit. For example I would say that with Tesco's HRM,the application form is very important to Tesco and that is why they ask a lot of questions about personal qualities and communication skills, because they want the right employee who will do a good job. Human Resources management, have got a lot of responsibility in terms of getting the best new employees, and making them reach their full potential by giving them all the relevant training and assistance needed to do their job efficiently.

1:3 The main roles and responsibilities of a HRM manager at Tesco's will be to Hire, Develop, Retain and maintain the staff, so firstly after the job interviews the HRM manager will choose the best candidates from his list of people who have been interviewed after that he will be responsible for the training and development of staff so in the case of Tesco there will usually be a short period usually one to two week training exercises before employment will commence where they will build the confidence of the staff take part in team building exercises and be trained on the job they will do so a cashier will be trained on how to use a till and other staff will be trained for their roles. Once the staff have commenced their jobs it will be the role of the manager to retain and maintain the staff and this is the most important part of his job because studies have shown when staff are happy and confident in what they are doing they will give more output per hour than if they were not, the Manager will have regular contact with the staff and his job is to keep motivating them and when the time comes to promote them so the training and development is ongoing.
1.4 Tesco like all major organizations will have to adhere to legal and regulatory requirements in regards to HRM; the main legal requirements are as follows
Equal employment opportunity: so Tesco will have to treat all prospective and current employees on their merit and not to discriminate against Race, Religion, Creed, Color, Age, Sexual orientation, Disabilities and so on.
Labor Relations: To inform staff of all legal regulations that an employer must provide, to explain and assist staff when it comes to labor unions.
Health and safety: To inform and train the staff in regards to all Health and safety laws, and to provide all equipment and safety clothing needed to do their jobs.
Compensation: All employees are required to work a standard working week which in the case of Tesco is usually 40 hours, if staff is required to do any extra hours they will have to be paid extra to compensate for their time.
Tesco will have to adhere to all the above and more legal requirements but it is all designed to have the best workforce