Model of Science Essay

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The ‘heroic model’ of science is one of the most influential phenomena in history. This surge of value-free knowledge, filled with realism, bold justification, absolute truth and complete objectivity, changed the way in which the world was perceived and how the future would be viewed. The ‘heroic model’ changed the rules and ushered western civilization into a new era, filled with wonderfully shocking scientific surprises. The backlash from the ‘heroic model’ was so powerful that it heavily influenced other subjects, such as history. The ‘heroic model’ of science was a phenomenon of the western world, during the Enlightenment. This wonder aided in transforming scientists, philosophers and others among them into cultural heroes. Science became a part of home life, when in previous times science was seen as a threat to religion and thus proclaimed as wrong. Once science became a part of life and began to prove and bluntly say things that the bible and religion could not come near to explaining, it became the basis for fact. The ‘heroic model’ could easily be blamed for the breakdown of the religious-infested societies that plagued the world. This became very important to everyone involved, which proved to be more people than expected. The ‘heroic model’ was an opening for scientist and others to express their opinions without the fear of being ostracized and labeled as a blasphemer. These people were no longer look down upon as sinners, against God and religion, yet they were