Essay on Modern Scarlet Letter

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Jennifer had just recently finished up her sophomore year in High School. She was off to summer camp like she did every year. This year was a bit different. She was finally able to be one of the camp’s leaders. This was such an exciting moment for her. She had always participated in the camps and now she was helping. She had always been a really shy girl, always been into her studies. Her main focus was always school. She wanted to be a surgeon.

Her parents were very strict. Her dad was one of the top doctors in her city. Her mom was a successful lawyer. They expected only the best from her. Jennifer wasn’t an only child, she had an older brother. His name was Jason. He was in Yale. The whole family was made up of entirely smart people. She was no exception. Apart from being really smart, Jennifer was beyond beautiful. She had long, curly, shiny black hair. Her skin was as smooth as a baby’s bottom. She rarely wore make-up. She always looked best all natural. She had the complexion of Jennifer Lopez. Who was in fact her idol. She was both beauty and brains. Something that was really rare in her city.

Jennifer didn’t go out much. She never had a boyfriend. She never thought to have one for that matter. She was always busy in school, trying to finish early so she can start her career already. No guy had caught ever her attention. Ever.

Jennifer arrived at the camp site. Camp Rivera. It has been there for years. She met up with the Camp director who assigned everyone a partner. She got, no other then the bad boy, Anthony. Anthony was the one all the girls drooled for. He was a ladies man. He wasn’t a jerk. He knew how to respect all the women he was with, ironically, considering he was a ladies man. His mom taught him well. Given the fact that she died three years before.

Jennifer wasn’t so thrilled. She hated Jesses’s kind. Always thinking he could get any girl. Always thinking hes the best. Little did she know, it was all an act. Jennifer spent the first few days hating him. He tried his best to show to her he is not who he seems.

There was one particular day that they had to do an outside activity with their assigned group of kids. There was a little boy named Eric. Anthony saw him as a little brother. They were in the woods. Eric fell down and rolled down a hill. Anthony raced to him and found him really hurt and unconscious. They called 9-1-1 and Anthony left with him to the hospital. The next day they came back and Jennifer had a change of heart. Jennifer saw who he really was and was really impressed. She was actually falling for him. One night they decided to sneak out and go to the lake nearby. They were talking on an intimate level. She decided she wanted him. Wanted him in a intimacy level. Needless to say, that night was very unforgettable for Jennifer.

They were closer than ever after that. The ending of the summer camp was coming. Anthony lived on the other side of the states. They thought it was best that they just end things