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1 – What does Henry Gill think about the New Deal? Explain his views and the American Guardian. Henry Gill is an older man who is the manager of the Northfield Knife Company and has very narrow minded views. He does not seem to understand what FDR is pushing with his New Deal and instantly looks to criticize it. Gill thinks they are taking money from gullible people and that this new proposed idea is a step beyond communism. American Guardian is a newspaper put out full of propaganda made to persuade Americans into thinking a certain way.

2- What was the initial reaction of President Franklin D. Roosevelt to the outbreak of another European war?
FDR was not surprised that another European war broke out but he wanted to try and keep the United States out of it at all costs. Unfortunately, he was unable to after Japan bombed Pearl Harbor.

3- What happened on June 10, 1940?
Italy declares war on Britain and France and Norway surrenders to Germany.

4- What does FDR mean when talks (at Yalta) about the “unconditional surrender” of Germany?
Unconditional surrender is that Germany will be temporarily controlled by the United States, Britain and France in their own sections. Germany now has to demilitarize itself and make up for the destruction it has brought to its own country and the rest of the world. Also, FDR wanted to put an end to Nazism.

5- What did the Allies agree on the future of Poland? The Allies placed Poland into the Soviet’s sphere of influence and let them completely occupy the country.

6- What does A. Philip Randolph want from FDR?
Randolph wants FDR to publically portray what the black people in the armed forces do to serve their country. He wants FDR to acknowledge these soliders and ensure they are given proper rights while serving in the armed forces. The blacks feel like they are not wanted in the army even though they feel like they have the right to participate in it. They just want to be acknowledged and appreciated.

7- What kind of “foolish” behavior is FDR worried about?
FDR is worried about foolish behavior regarding misjudging foreign opinion about Germany and Japan and being pulled into conflict because of something those two countries did or got involved in. He is afraid of the danger those two countries could cause if their “feet slip” which then