Modernity In Presidential Elections

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The methods by which we live our lives are constantly changing. Each and every individual is in a daily struggle to perform a task in the most efficient way possible. This struggle for a more efficient society is what drives the human race itself into modernity. Without cultural advancements such as the Enlightenment or the Industrial revolution, we would be decades behind the current state we are in.
The concept of modernity is the reason you receive mail on your phone, rather than just your mailbox. Technology in general has allowed us to expand nearly every field of life from a personal scale to a global field. In education today, students have access to information that is on the other side of the world. This allows a student to finish school with more knowledge of the outside world than a graduate thirty years ago could have dreamed about. The downside to this is that the incorporation of modernity into cultural environments , such as schools, has created a system in which each generation has undergone a completely different form of education. A prime example of this can be found in the book The Man Awakened from Dreams. The book does an excellent job at showing how modernity affected Liu’s life and the effect it had on his education.
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Each candidate presents their ideas on how they believe they can move the country forward in the right direction. Their morals and ideals all correlate with the most modern events in society. For example, the topic of “Transgender” has been a frequent topic of discussion in recent years. The idea of embracing your true gender, as outrageous as it may be, is a modern concept. Now each presidential candidate is faced with the dilemma of sticking to their original ideals on the topic, or conforming to the majority of society in order to gain voters. This shows how modernity can affect the political world and cultural world at the same