Who Am I ? Essay

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Who am I?
Sache Priester

Final Paper
Sociological Theory

Who am I? Hmm, sometimes I think I just don’t know. When I was a little kid, I wanted to be what I called “ambulance”. It wasn’t until I could really understand what that meant but I wanted to save lives. But of course, having the imagination I did, I later changed my mind – I want to be a Pediatrician. I had my high school career path down pack. I was going to go to George Mason then go to Medical School. “Dr. Sache Priester!”—it did have a good ring to it but now I have yet again changed. It wasn’t until the end of my freshmen year at NSU did I realize what I wanted to do. Granted, I may have been watching too many Law & Order: SVU episodes but now my dream was to be a Forensic Scientist. But you know, even now as a senior with graduation within my reach, I yet again don’t know. What do I want to do? My life is about to officially start and I’m confused. The experience of it all is a little overwhelming. I know what is expected of me and what I have worked all my life for and the reality of it all scares me. Before I know it, I’ll have my own apartment, great 9-5, good car ……….but with all this, comes BILLS. I was always taught to be optimistic about life and to not give up when the going gets tough but the thought of failing really gets my heart pounding. Recently, I was asked a question: “Who are you?” This question really had me stuck. It’s so many things that affect us today; so many things going on in this world. This world has definitely come from the bottom up. Being a Sociologist, you really get to understand the full scheme of things and you get to analyze “what is” and “why it is as such”. Even though I have been taught a lot of theories in the past year, the names of Marx, Durkheim, Weber, Simmel, and Du Bois will always stick with me because their ideas of how the world works is most fascinating. First of all, what is Sociology? Well, it’s basically the study of the origin, structure, and development of human society. In other words, it’s the study of people and how they react to social forces in their environment. Sociology is one of many disciplines of social science – that including: history, economic, anthropology, political science, geography, psychology, and law. Sociology is important because you must first understand it to understand all the other disciplines. One of the first things that help us understand how society is set up is through the acronyms: CAGERS and PEMP. CAGERS are describes social locations while PEMP describes valuable resources.
Gender -- cultural
Ethnicity –cultural
Race – biological
Sex – biological
Money – wealth & income
Prestige – occupational prestige
Furthermore, Sociology was rooted in the nineteenth century primarily in England, Germany, and France. Speaking of, Auguste Comte, a French philosopher, coined the term “sociology.” There are many things that cause society to change, these are called social forces. An example of this is “freedom.” Freedom is a very powerful thing that I feel like some people take advantage of. It’s a blessing to have the freedom to go anywhere your two feet take you. It is not until you have had your freedom token that you can fully grasp the understanding of it. There are always events that have happened that has changed the world suddenly, which are called contemporary forces. For example, 9/11 – one day that will live in our hearts forever and for generations to come. Every day this world is changing and developing into a bigger and stronger nation. As technology develops, modern civilization as we know is altering.

Karl Marx When we talk about Sociology, Karl Marx is one name that will always come up. Marx is famous for his theory about class inequality. His most famous work was his book, The Manifesto of the Communist Party, which he in fact wrote in six weeks. Karl Marx was a