Essay on Modest: Physical Attractiveness and Girls

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High heels in kindergarten? Elementary school girls wearing low, revealing outfits? Eight year old girls wearing makeup? Girls these days are acting to sexy way to soon. Young girls up until age 13 are forced to look like women even though they are at an extremely young age. Young girls are wearing sexy and inappropriate outfits to look more attractive to the opposite sex. The clothes and make up girls wear portrays them as sex objects even though most of the girls have not reached puberty. New, alarming research shows that the sexual images and messages in the media can take a serious toll on young girl’s well being. Girls are taught to have a certain body image, sexy clothes, and wear lots of eyeliner to fit in. Studies show that girls who are obsesses with their appearance are more likely to start smoking, become depressed, and develop an eating disorder when they get older. The current issues that are influencing girls include: padded swimsuit tops, explicit music lyrics in popular songs, and celebrity icons turning bad. Young girls are getting highlights, facials, spray tans, and competing in beauty competitions as young as four years old. Girls are being forced to grow up to fast and it is not their fault.

The media, dolls, celebrities, magazines, popular girls, parents, and friends all encourage girls to grow up to fast. This is causing a major corruption in our society, mainly with the issue of sex. When girls reach their teen years and only value themselves for sexual attractiveness, they are more likely to do risky things, such as avoiding using a