Module 8: A Short Story

Words: 1703
Pages: 7

“Miss Athena! Miss Athena! Urgent news!” A messenger exclaimed, running into Athena’s sleeping quarters.
“Huh… w-what? Who dares to wake me from my slumber?” Athena boomed, rising up from her silky sheeted bed.
“I’m terribly sorry to wake you, but there seems to be a um… well a slight problem…” The messenger said.
“It’s alright… What’s the problem?”
“A hydra is attacking the small village of Calydon! The location is in the southern part of Greece. They need you, Athena.”
Athena’s eyes widened and she quickly jumped out of bed.
“Why didn’t you say so immediately?! Oh dear... Oh my, I’ve never fought of a hydra! Sure, the occasional Orthrus, mostly sphinx. I even fought a minotaur! But a hydra? Do you have any idea what happens when you try to
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Athena drew out her sword and ran to follow the hydra. She could see it was approaching a group of three teenagers. Two of which were huddled in a corner grabbing onto each other and sobbing. The third one was protectively standing in front of them holding out his sword and shaking.
“Hey! Leave them alone!” Athena shouted, running up behind the monster and slashing its back.
The hydra shrieked, turning away from the group of three and facing Athena. It roared and shot one of it’s heads towards her. Athena ducked and ran below it, escaping easily. The hydra got distracted by a group of men yelling at it and went to chase them. Athena turned to see the three teenagers looking at her in awe.
“Are you kids okay?”
“Yeah, I think so. Thanks, ma’am. You saved our lives.” The strong looking young man said shaking Athena’s hand.
“What are your names?” She asked
“I’m Aegeus,” The strong one said.
The young girl stood up. She had brown hair that was up in a curly bun and her eyes were two different colors, green and blue. “I’m Baibin, and that’s Ianos” she said pointing to a scrawny blonde headed boy.
“I’m Athena. Now, I need-”
“Woah wait. THE Athena? GODDESS Athena?!” Baibin asked excitedly.
“Yes, but-”
“Woah! That’s so cool! What’s it like in-” “Children! I need you to get to safety.” Athena interrupted getting frustrated. No way! We’re helping.” Ianos
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I’m not sure that’ll come in handy, but let’s see what we can do.” They were interrupted when a loud roar rang out. “Okay, guys. Let’s do this.” Athena said, making a fist with her hand. “Yeah!” They all exclaimed. Athena ran away, passing people running the opposite way. Soon, she came face to face with the hydra. It screeched loudly and snapped one of it’s heads at her. She dodged it and ran toward it to stab it in the stomach. Suddenly, it flung itsself back and screeched again. Athena looked up to see Baibin clinging to the back of one of it’s heads.
“Baibin! What are you doing?!” Athena shouted.
“Distracting it! Get it!” Baibin shouted back. Before Athean could stab it, it whipped the head that Baibin was hanging from and flung her foward. She landed hard on the ground and cringed in pain. She got up to fight it again when Ianos pulled her out of the way. “Baibin! What are you doing?! That thing could have killed you.” Ianos screamed holding her back from running at it again. “You IDIOT!” Baibin growled, smacking Ianos on the head. “I was going to distract him so Athena could get him!” “You could have gotten hurt. Don’t move. Just stay here.” Ianos said, leaving her and running towards the hydra with a