Introduction To Advanced Graduate Studies And Scholarship Detail

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Introduction to Advanced Graduate Studies and Scholarship Details This course introduces students to the principal elements of research and scholarly writing. Learners explore approaches to synthesizing literature and the application of the major components of APA form and style, and learn to coordinate literature searches. Furthermore, they learn how to discern principal arguments, analyze research questions, and clearly identify the key scholarly attributes to journal articles and other sources of scholarly data. This course also introduces learners to the University’s overarching values and beliefs regarding research and the responsibility scholars have in continuing a tradition of contributing to an ever-growing body of knowledge. 3.0 …show more content…
Your initial response to question/ prompt 2 must be posted by day 5 of the module. Contribute to discussion by posting at least one substantive response to another learner's post on 3 days of the module. Respond in a manner that initiates or contributes to discussion. Question: What is one area from your SelfAssessment that you think you have mastered? (After your initial post, when responding to peers, identify a connection, similarity, or resource.)

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Gradable Items Discussion Question

Details Module 1 DQ 2 Directions: Use the following information to ensure successful completion of the assignment: Refer to the document "Discussion Forum Philosophy." Download the file, print it, and use the information to guide your participation in the Main Forum. View the tutorial titled "Library Resources for Doctoral Learners." Each week, two initial posts and three ongoing contributions are required for a minimum of five separate posts on three separate days of the module. Perform the following tasks to complete this assignment: Identify the discussion questions/ prompts in the Main Forum for the module. Identify the concepts, principles, theories, and other information in the course readings, lectures, and other resources that relate to the discussion questions/prompts. Locate at least one scholarly research source which supports your initial response to each question/prompt. The reference may come from the module readings. Write an initial