Money: Debt and Money Management Skills Essay example

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Unfortunately I don’t have a tree that grows money so I come to work everyday and I try to cut down on things that are not necessary. I take much care on the money I earn and the money I spend, for the purpose of spending my money wisely I have created a budget containing my total income and all of my monthly expenses, this way I can keep track of everything and it’s also helpful when trying to put some money aside. This way I could play with my bills, paying them before hand or splitting them into a couple of payments that leave me with some extra funds for the week. I have found that by splitting the bigger bills like rent and car payments into weekly pays works best for me than paying them in one chunk. I was once flooded with credit card debt, thanks to my job I learned how to manage it as I am currently trying to rebuild my credit. Sometimes I give in to temptation and go shopping not knowing what I will buy, but with a desire of buying something. Most of the time I come back home with my hands empty it just that going to the store relaxes me, people say it’s a woman’s thing so I am okay with it. Even though I know my limits I sometimes get caught in the materialism world, where you want to have everything you see others with. My money management skills were improved a lot by two factors, one was having my kids and the other is my job; that plays an important role when I sit down and look over my financials. I may be exaggerating but I know how my banking will look two