Moon Hoax Essay

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To this day, 20% of Americans believe that the moon landing was a hoax. However, those people seem to miss that the moon hoax would have been impossible. Some people say that in 1969, it was impossible to send someone to the moon but it was possible to fake it on video. This is in fact, the exact opposite of what is true. Since the 1920s, engineers were busy trying to improve liquid fuel rockets. They wanted to go to the outer space. By 1943, there was already a fully functional rocket that could enter the outer space named the Aggregat-4, or more commonly known as the V-2 rocket. During these technological achievements, \ color television was still being developed and film technology was still working on getting wider and wider.
The version of the moon landing commonly believed is that the U.S spent 20-25 billion dollars to send three astronauts to the moon who plant a plaque that says “We Came In Peace For All Mankind.” However, some conspiracy theorists believe that while the astronauts were walking, the angle of the shadows were inconsistent which suggested that artificial lights were used. However, these people seem to miss that the sun is not the only source of light on the moon. In fact, the lunar surface reflects its own light which lights up everything on the surface. Other theorists also say that the moon landing was a hoax because the telecast showed the flag fluttering in the wind. The flag was not fluttering in the wind at all. Since there is no friction present in a vacuum, objects don’t stop moving as quickly as they do on earth, so when the flag started to straighten, it stayed unstraightened longer than usual. Another point theorists seem to miss is that when the moon rover was moving, dust was clearly shown being kicked up quite high due to low gravity and settling quickly due to the lack of air. Had this been fabricated on earth, clouds of dust would’ve formed because they didn’t have the technology in 1969 to create this type of controlled environment.
A technical writer for Rocketdyne, Billy Kaysing theorized a different alternative. In his version, NASA realizes that it is just impossible to put men on the moon. So in order to avoid humiliation, they hired Stanley Kubrick to direct a moon landing telecast. In order to fake the moon landing, Kubrick would have had to film the whole thing in slow motion by over cranking. This meant that they must’ve used high speed video cameras, which automatically debunks this theory because there were no