Moon Landing Conspiracy Theory

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Analysis of the Moon Landing Conspiracy Theory Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin made history over four decades ago by being the first Americans on the moon... or did they? To this day many conspiracy theorists believe that the government faked the first moon landing on a film set located in area 51. Using science aided with paranoia, conspiracy theorists have weaved a complex story regarding the moon landing that is still believed today. One may ask why conspiracy theorist would want to refute the moon landing. I believe that the Soviet government created this theory to try to delegitimize the USs accomplishment, making the Soviets appear superior.
By landing on the moon, the United States effectively conquered the Soviets and won the space
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Conspiracy theorists use science in combination with reasoning to convince skeptics that there is plausibility behind their theories. One of the most recent examples of this is the analysis of photographs of the moon landing. A series of crosshairs show up on photos in interesting ways. The crosshairs are a result of the cameras the spacemen were using at the time. They were used to depict the center of the photo. These crosshairs would normally show up on photos and appear to be a top layer of a photo. With close analysis the conspiracy theorist believe that the crosshairs are faked. They state that the crosshairs were added later and tend to disappear behind objects in the pictures. NASA quickly disputed this by stating that this effect only appears on copies of the photos but not in the originals. However, skeptics still believe that NASA is trying to pull the wool over their eyes and that the lines were truly added in a later edit of the photos. Many people claim that the smoking gun to this myth is the waving of the flag in the video of the moon landing. Conspiracy theorists believe that the moon landing could not have possibly been real, mainly due to the flag appearing to have the attribute that it is waving in the wind. Scientist have proven that in a vacuum there is no breeze. Conspiracy theorists claim that since their is no breeze in the vacuum of space, the flag appearing to wave back and forth must mean the moon landing had been faked and filmed on Earth. Again, NASA attempts to sway skeptics by establishing that the motion of the flag is a result of the energy created by planting the flagpole in the ground, energy that, with no atmosphere or air, took a very long time to disperse. Conspiracy theorists and skeptics alike believe that it could not possibly be energy that cause the long span of time in which the flag can be seen