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Moral concepts, virtues, and values are all characteristics of each individual person the form their own ethical code - or how they view certain things in their own way. Everyone has their own feelings of right and wrong, some stronger than others in certain areas while some are not. Ethics is what our own "mind set" tells us to do in any given situation, almost like the parasympathetic response in the brain "fight or flight." Each of these concepts are taught to us from the day we are born, so one could say that your parents (or guardians) are ultimately responsible for your "Ethical code."

Values - What a person finds most important to them, either physical or emotional (owning a lot of physical items versus having a lot of friends, neither is wrong or right)
Virtues - A trait or quality in a person that makes them overall a better moral person (patience is a virtue!)

Moral Concepts - "issues" in society and what stance a person chooses to take (Abortion, Same sex marriage, Gun Control, Immigration, The death penalty)

Ethics - How a person views what is right and what is wrong

These concepts all make up each persons individual character. My own personal concepts of all of these comes from my parents raising me in a strict Methodist upbringing. While I was growing up I despised it, but after I left home and made my way out into the world, life lessons taught me the hard way that there is a difference and right and wrong, and the choices you make you have to live with. I am only 28 now but each passing day I feel myself becoming more and more like my father. Unlike him though, there are certain things I believe that I have no right to judge or take sides, I believe certain things should be left to the individual in the situation (such as abortion).
Week 2: DQ 2
Ethics are a form of rules that people use for deciding what the proper conduct for a person to act. Ethics and the form of ethics are something unlike morals that change very little, even as we as a society progress. Ethics are something we use each and everyday to shape the way we behave in public and at home. Some of the most common ethical actions we make each day are as old as…