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Decia Landrum
Daniel Brown
December 3,2014
My Personal Strengths When I first attended mosaic I didn't quite understand what the purpose was until I found myself through my clue talents. It told me that it would help me better myself by learning my strengths and what I am mostly drawn to in life. I am yearning for softball and band because they make me feel like I'm special and I belong to something. Rapid learning I tend to do is softball and make new friends who are different from me and who are more open. I know how to do softball in a fast pace and get it done quickly by watching only a few steps and trying to figure it out myself. I see my excellence when I can accomplish things that I have never done before like getting two people out when you catch a ball in the outfield and you throw it to second base and you get that person out, or when you play a note that you never thought you could play that high. Softball is the sport that really gives me a kick start in life because it brings so much joy to me when I'm on that field and I know that I am unstoppable and no one can harm me with words. I have seen more of glimpse of excellence because there is a lot of things that I thought I couldn't do and I've proved to others and myself that I can do it. I joined a dodge ball team and I thought I would get out first every time because I seemed like a target, but I dodged every ball that came my way and won multiple games for my team and I felt confident about myself that I accomplished this for the first time in awhile. Many people say my experiences this semester have been very good for me, however, I tend to do everything on time and I am always prepared when things need to be done. My Old Testament teacher told me that I am always well prepared and turn all of my work in on time and I have very good grades and I explain myself very well in my texts. Yes, my answers would change because I've experienced how college really is in life and how it isn't easy as you thought it would be. My greatest success would change to completing my first semester in college because it was sort of a struggle and I realized that the major I wanted to do was not the career choice I wanted. I will do everything in knowledge to graduate from college and make my parents proud. I will succeed in all my work and do the best that I can to reach my goal of having a degree and preparing myself for a better future. I will take care of my family as they have done for me and I will help anyone in need who needs support or who doesn't have anyone. I will uphold my Christianity to serve God and others so I know that I am following his word to help others as I would want to be helped. Graduating and getting good grades is my top priority also my health and making sure that I am well taken care of. I also would still like to make my family proud and take care of them in anyway I can. I will still uphold my Christianity to God and serve to him as I am a leader. It will become my duty to do what I need to do and also help others in the process. My life and succeeding in it is my priority and for myself to finish college and get a degree for myself. The biggest difference between high school and college is how the test are given. In high school we would cover a chapter or two and it would only be a little information and we would take a test, but in college we cover three or four chapters then we take a big test. I learn from taking test frequently, therefore, I can get the information better and remember it easily in my head so when we cover it again I can remember it. Also, the class hours are different, but I enjoy being in class a short amount of time every week because then I can have more things to do and cover more homework on my classes. My goal for this semester was to make it through and get good grades while I'm at it. Yes, I feel successful that I completed my goal and I made it, even though a lot of stress and hard work was involved. I was