Mostly True Worksheet Essay

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POS 1041: American National Government
South Florida State College
Marcy Jean Everest, Ph.D.
Drop Box Two – Mostly True!

Students should review the assignment instructions carefully before beginning this assignment.

Go to the following website:

Select a story to work with. (Select a story and click on the “truth-o-meter” to get to the text of the story.) Print a hard copy of the entire story and bring it to class on the assigned day. (Obviously, online students in asynchronous classes will not be coming to class!)

Review the story in detail and the instruction sheet before beginning.

Students will respond to the following questions. This is a Word document, thus, students should copy this form to their own flash drive and fill out as required. Proofread the assignment carefully meeting all requirements noted in the instructions. Submit to the appropriate Drop Box.

Students will respond to the following questions.

About the story:

1. What was the exact statement/claim made? (This is a direct quote from the source of the mostly true statement.)
- Raising the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour "will destroy between half a million and one million jobs." 2. Who, specifically, made this "mostly true" claim?
- Senator Mitch McConnell

3. When was the original statement/claim made? (Specific date please.)
- October 13th, 2014

4. Where was the statement made--specifically? (Location or context under which the statement was made.)
- The statement was made in a debate on the television program ‘Kentucky Tonight’

5. To whom was the statement/claim made? (This is the "target" audience. Who was in the crowd, who received the email, what was the audience for the program or interview, etc.?)
- The statement was made directed toward viewers of the program ‘Kentucky Tonight’

About the Politifact Report:

6. Who was the author (reporter) of the article?
- Steve Contorno

7. Summarize the evidence/facts/information provided in the analysis of the article that demonstrates why the statement/claim was a "mostly true” statement. (A minimum of 150 words here please.)
- This article is validating the statement made by Senator Mitch McConnell in a debate, primarily focused on the topic of the raising of minimum wage. McConnell claimed that raising minimum wage would not help the economy or employment, and that according to a Congressional Budget…