Motivation and Project Manager Essay

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Lower Division Capstone: BUSN300-1303A-01
Lisa Marsh
American Intercontinental University

Abstract My manager believes we can learn from each other and other companies. I listen to many success stories and or stories of failure. My manager learns from these stories and applies different theories to make the company better at any given time.

Unit Four In my paper for any recent or current event in the news, I will discuss and explain two specific theories such as first, in the human resource area, and moving toward an employee empowerment culture. Second in the marketing area, the theory of penetration pricing. Under these two theories I will explain the issue being addresses that gave rise to employing these theories, and how the theory being followed leads to specific actions on the part of the company. Motivation can lead to productivity, many people take pride in their work, to make sure that things are being done and accomplished. Some theories that come to mind are motivation, and what motivates people. Employees need leaders to help them understand how to drive the team in order to get the best results. One person in this leadership team is the project manager a critical skill of the project manager understands motivation and how to motivate people. The tool of motivation can be defined as the psychological feature that arouses an organism to act toward a desired goal. The theory motivation has some key points first motivation is a psychological feature. Second motivation is an action. Lastly it must be a goal in place. Like before we talk about one team member of this leadership is the project manager he cannot motivate others the motivation comes from each of us that can motivate ourselves. The project manager is responsible for having a work place that can create motivation within the team. The created team environment must have a clear goal that the en tire team understands and is willing to work towards an example would be being no workman’s comp injuries for 90 days and if the team reaches that goal rewarding them with an ice cream social. The problem with motivation is not everyone is the same so this goal may not be achievable for each person within the team. A motivating environment must be a clear purpose this purpose must be added to the business for value purposes but all team members must understand the project. The project manager can use a tool in order to put the project in effect; his job is to make sure that everyone understands the end result of this project. The challenge like I said before is to get all team members to participate in the project. Making everyone feel like they have a part in the project can help everyone get motivated. Making this goal easy to achieve and making it simple and not impossible to work towards. Instead of hiring someone