Essay on Motivational: Education and English Composition

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My program of Study The program that I am enrolled in is Special Education and General Education a (dual major). Some of the course that is required for my major is English Composition I & II this particular class will help me enhance my rhetorically effectively. I will have all the tools that I need after completing these courses. Some of the tools I will imply to my future students they will be using correct grammar and punctuation marks. I will also be required to take Instructional Technology. This class will help me become more familiar with working with technology such as the Smart Board, Promethean Board and other software and hardware. History and Government classes are very important in this program, because it will allow my elaborate more thoroughly on the history of our country and the people that help discover it. Most of my courses will be in Special Education. Some of the courses that are required for this program are Characteristic of Students with Physical Needs. This class will help me to be more efficient and observant with students with serious disabilities. As a teacher I will be required to have special training dealing with students with special needs. Student with speaking devices and brain injuries need high tech devices to help them communicate effectively with others. I feel that I will have challenges with English Composition & II, because I struggle through school with it. I will continue using the student success center that