Motorcycle and Harley Davidson Essay

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Mohammed Khan
Executive Summary
Kimberly Gleason
BA 3300
Expanding Harley Davidson and shipping hubs to Nepal is a decision that requires the analysis and different aspects regarding the culture, labor conditions, economic/political conditions as well as Harley Davidson’s competition of Motorcycle companies. The extensive research provided also gives a good foundation of what inferences are to be made based on the analysis of these different aspects, many points were considered in making our decision and reaching a conclusion. As the motorcycle industry is expanding in European and Asian countries throughout the continent, it is important to note that finding the market culture is imperative in searching for our competition. Although these companies serve consumers with prices well within the range of Nepalese people, we try to focus our objective on value by building on our name, listening to customers, differentiating our product to other companies, and treating dealers as full business partners. Based on observations, it would prove that high prices, relying on domestic markets, and strict emission standards would still uphold our decision. The strong image of H-D, as well as the good customer base can prove to be a positive point in expanding manufacturing hubs.
Nepal’s culture is diverse but has its problems with the degrading of women, and children who are illiterate which comes to needing great development to help the country. Harley-Davidson can gradually help encourage women to enter the workforce and provide the proper training and knowledge to make them aware of their rights including owning property, driving vehicles, right to abortions, and claims for divorce. Although it will take time for society to accept these points, we hope that it will provide a greater future and help women advance in their rank. Child labor in Nepal is not legal but is a norm and with the growing foundation of Harley Davidson, we hope that it will eventually prove to be of great value in expanding knowledge.
Nepal has a variety of labor laws that shape the country’s work enforcement. Although Nepal is known to have poor child labor conditions, the government is working harder towards providing better safety, security, and employment opportunity for men, women, and children. That being said, extending Harley Davidson ware house and manufacturing hubs can prove to be a positive experience for the company, as well as the labor condition in Nepal. As of 2012 the new minimum wage for unskilled laborers in Nepal is 8,000 rupees per month ($81). This would prove to be