Essay on Mouse and American Red Fox

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Gluten for Punishment

Once there was an American Red Fox, who pride himself on being a survivalist. Wondering the Great American Plains. A chubby mammal, whose stomach sank to the ground as he strolled along collecting rodents such as mice, rats, and birds, bringing them to a small den he had dug into the ground on the vast prairie,. Here Fox would consume his prey, and then lay around as if he was a sloth, glad he was increasing the size of his already immense pallet. Fox was unique to all other foxes because he had seemingly no sense of satiability when he ate. Fox was most certainly considered to be gluten. One day, the fox went on the prowl to locate the days prey. He prowled long and hard, through the intense heat of the day until dusk, however, with no avail to his workings. Fox was not used to going even a few hours without some sort of food, and he was losing his patience. After a few more hours of aggravating searching fox came to the realization that he might have to go the rest of the day without eating, which was not all that long at all considering it would be a mere few hours before the sun would rise again and he could begin hunting again. Therefore, he started back to his den. On the long trip back, even over the loud sound of his growling stomach he heard a small movement in the grass. Fox’s ears flew back as he dropped his heading peering low under the brush in search of the sound making culprit. Once he spotted the source of the movement he lunged as fast as his fat body was capable of doing and caught a wee little mouse by the very end of his tail, almost severing it on impact of his obese paw. As he began to pull the mouse towards him he heard multiple frantic squeaks coming from what was supposed to be a simple meal, and peered down at it, and said to the mouse “quiet down little snack”! The mouse replied in a rather high pitched voice “please Mr. fox, I have a family and besides Mr. Fox, I am no large amount of meal”. The wolf just replied “silence mouse, you will do for now as I am starving here”! The mouse proceeded to beg stating over and over again, “Mr. Fox, you are the plumpest of all foxes in the land, and I see that you are greedy with your food”! The fox simply kept himself focused on keeping himself convinced he needed more food. The mouse then calmed himself and said, in a depressive voice,