Movie Theater and International Film Festival Essay

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Art Paper 1

During this semester I attended the Miami International Film Festival. It was located at the Regal Cinema in South Beach on March 14. I loved the scenery of the movies and how grand it was inside. Before going in to watch the movie I got to take a walk around Lincoln Road, appreciating the beauty of our city. I was so impressed by the inside of the theatre that I cannot wait to go back. The theatre has three stories and as you go up each you are able to see the view of Miami and it was just such a breathtaking experience. Besides the flabbergasting architecture I got to experience to see, I got watch this hilarious film called “Witching and Bitching.” It was definitely a positive experience and something interesting to experience. Since the movie was in Spanish at first I didn’t know if I would enjoy it as much, that has to be what I disliked the most, but it turned out to be just as great as if I would’ve watched it in English. What I like the most about this movie was the humor and effects that were added to it. The casting definitely looked like they were perfectly picked, they were all from Spain and their acting was magnificent. The movie started off with this lady reading cards. She looked like a witch, and the make up was extremely well done, she was wearing a wig and black lipstick, and possibly a mask to make the effect of looking like a witch even greater. At a certain point in the movie this little got put in a stove by the witch and got burnt. The make up artists managed to make it look as if the little boy had gotten sunburn. In conclusion, the make up and costumes were more than satisfactory. The special effects also took a great part in this film. From having people walking on walls and the roof to having people set on fire. There was a lot of effort put into this film and it was easily seen. Even the setting was chosen perfectly. It was located in Zugarramurdi, this town in Spain that was allegedly where witchcraft was founded. The setting fits like a glove to the movie since it’s about these women that are witches and they even use this cave located in Zugarramurdi for this ritual. This film was definitely leaning more towards