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On my way to the park with my cousins I found my self waiting in traffic When I start looking at the window and begin to see that traffic begging to pall it up cars bumper to bumper like a big train coming to a stop. When I came to realize the people started to curse to one another and make faces.

Sanely a young boy knock on my window and asks me if I can spare some cash and wild we wore waiting on traffic the young boy begging to tell me a story .he told me that him and his family lost everything in a fire and any kind of help wood do find and I begging to see his sister with a scare on her arm And leg when her mother started to the scare to one of the drivers and I started to think the if the was me with a sister with scares like his sister I wood do the same thing so I toll him the I anther Stan and so I tuck I $20.00 dollar bill and gave it to him.

When I close my window I begin to smell potatoes ship, I told my cousin what kind of potatoes ship wore those and he said the it was salting garlic with pepper, I started telling him the my car was clean and the I just install a new air freshener the smell like Hawaii ocean. But he begging to tell me that the potatoes ship worn the massy and the they tasted very good and the I was exaggerating.

When we arrive to the park we wore very excited, when we got to the gate and enter to the park we stated to think we're to go first when we decided to ride a roller coaster when it begin to rain so my cousins didn't care so we started to wait on the line of the roller coster wild waiting I started telling my cousin the they wore really nice girls in front of the line and we went to talk to the them and to make new friends when we start talking to the girls we started asking then were are them from and they said that they wore from brazil and the they wore here for vacation with there family.

After waiting in the line and talking to those beautiful girls we got the front of the ride And aj my cousin ask one of the girls if they wood like to sit with as smiling one of the girls said yeah the be great so each of the girls sit with one