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Best Man Speech

Good evening ladies and gentleman. For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Lawrence, and I have the distinguished honor of being Tim’s best man. Now what can be said about a man who was one of the smartest students in his class, an awesome athlete, a really charming and handsome fella? A man so righteous, that he puts his peers to shame.

But enough about me, what I’m really here for this evening is to talk about Timothy Shane Foster.
I met Tim while in college at UCSD, and we’ve known one another for about four years now. What’s actually a funny story is, at the very start of our friendship, being the over-ambitious jokester that I am, I told him that I would some-day become the best man at his wedding. And wouldn’t you know it, four years later, that exact scenario is indeed happening. I guess my jokes aren’t THAT over-ambitious after all.

As close friends, Derek I’m sure you can back me up on this, we’re all able to make jokes and poke fun at one another to get a good laugh. I, for one, had a blast doing this. For example, I would always give Tim a hard time about rooting for the wrong sport teams (such as the Chargers, Lakers, or 49ers), or I’d tell him he was a good soccer player, but not nearly as good as me, or that the Honda S200 that he drove was the most inconvenient vehicle on this planet, since it was a cramped 2-seater with an incredibly tiny trunk.

But there was always one thing that all of us knew we could never joke about or question the validity of. And that was his love for Ashley Roberts. From the day I got to know Tim and Ashley as a couple, I could instantly tell that there was something different about them than the usual college couples I was used to being around. Who knows, maybe it was how adult and mature they seemed. Maybe it was the way they interacted with one another, such as the way they held hands, or conversed with one another with that special look in their eyes. But it was clear that anyone who was ever around them witnessed a certain aura: True love at its finest. There was no questioning how devoted these 2 were to one another, and let’s be honest guys, nobody ever had any doubt that you two highschool sweethearts would end up marrying one another.

Tim, you and I have bonded over the years in large part through our time on