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1. Visit to learn more about the different cards that American Express offers. Discuss the target market and positioning strategies for each and suggest other segments that American Express might be able to successfully target (20%/630-770 words)

American Express manages a wide variety of products but their cards can be classified in two main card types if cards: personal and business cards. For each card type they offer a wide range of different utilities and privilege and can be sub divided in credit and charge cards. The difference between the credit and the charge cards available in each category is that the credit cards charge the card holder at the end of the month while the charge cards charge the card
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In their study Cap Gemini Ernst & Young (2002) found that modern day online consumers, when considering buying, are looking for the human values behind products and services, such as honesty, respect, dignity trust and fairness behind the products they buy.

Since American express has two card types and thus two target markets its only logical that the online marketing campaign also be divided to target the two markets separately. Since AMEX got two quite specific target markets the use of social networks is recommended. Social networks allow you to target users on a wide variety of demographic, psychographic, lifestyle information and interests supplied voluntarily by its users.

American Express brand is virtually universal, and a single geographic market is quite small. Therefor it is suggested that it is better to focus an e-marketing campaign, via social media, on a global or regional scale than national.

The online marketing campaign directed towards the private users will focus on creating a worldwide viral marketing campaign on the popular social networks. For a period of 45 days, using a designated app on the AMEX Facebook page, users can enter a lottery to win one of five free Platinum American Express cards and an additional €2000. Users will be able to increase their chances of winning one of these cards in multiple ways.

The first way would be though on a daily basis entering the application and participating in a multiple choice quiz,