School Uniforms Pros And Cons

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The focus of this position paper is school uniforms. Many schools have made the choices to have their students wear uniforms because they are thought to be very beneficial. One side believes that school uniforms will help authorities to distinguish who belongs in the school and who doesn’t reduce social snobbery and peer pressure, and cost efficient. They believe school uniforms encourage a sense of propriety and discipline. The other side feels that uniforms can alter one individuality. They can make it hard for students to express themselves. Uniforms can cause parents to spend even more money than they spent before students had to wear uniforms. This side also believes that academic performance may have no relation with wearing uniforms. This paper argues that school uniforms are not as beneficial as they are made out to be. When schools made decision to make students wear uniforms, they didn’t think about the personal effects they would have on students. There have been many debates over school uniforms amongst students, parents, and school authorities. They all seem to believe that wearing uniforms has both its pros and cons. This side believes some of the pros are that uniforms are cost efficient. They believe by making students wear uniforms, students will not pressure their parents to buy them name brand clothing such as Roca Wear, Baby Phat, Gucci, etc. Wearing uniforms will reduce social snobbery and peer pressure. They feel that by having students wear the same attire, they will be less likely to pick on one another because of what they are wearing. School authorities believe that uniforms will help distinguish those that belong in their school and those who do not. With everyone wearing the same attire, it will be easy to point out any outsiders. On the other hand, the other side feels some of the cons of school uniforms are that uniforms cause parents to spend just as much money or even more than they did when students did not have to wear uniforms. Uniforms are not cheap and parents are still responsible for buying their children clothing to wear outside of school. This side also believes that uniforms can alter ones individuality and make it hard for them to express themselves. Making students