Music: Music and Congo People Essay

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Shirwa Hosh
Raft Draft Through out history intellectual minds have disagreed on different findings through music. Society wouldn’t have stumbled abound elite findings if great minds didn’t disagree. It is in the scientific method to test with an experiment in order to clarify any misconceptions in data that was collected through research. In today’s society music around the globe is learning, a therapy and teaching tool. Music adjusts our moods and used throughout our lives. To lead a healthy life, we need to incorporate music whether playing it, using or listening to it in our daily lives.

I enjoy and listen to diversity of music from classical music to rap music. I have attended many concerts in younger age, mostly Hip Hop concerts. However, interestingly, through whole my life, I have never experienced rock music and I have never been to rock concert. So it was hard for me to decide which rock concerts would give me most pleasure and exciting experience. I researched for rock concerts listing and I have decided to go to Breakaway music festival. The festival was held in Columbus Crew stadium in Columbus Ohio. To make it interesting I convince my couple of my close friends to come with me to the concert. As soon as checked in, I came to realize that it has totally different atmosphere from what my expectations were for the music concerts. Unlike all the other concerts I attended, this concert had very larger audience, probably around a hundreds of people. The audience were jumping up and down. They were taking shirts of and shaking their head hard. The music was very loud and the music was very loud.
Recently, I have deicide to go with close friend of my mind with his traditional Congo festival in eastside of Columbus Ohio. Congo is very recognized and very interesting country in Africa. I was very amazed with with there culture and the music they were playing, he was explaining as we go around what was going on in Festival. Music has a central role in the life of the congo people. From an early age they have a keen sense of rhythm, as soon as a baby is able to clap it is encouraged to participate in all the communal music-making. There is music for ritualistic purposes, music for pure enjoyment, music for passing on knowledge, stories and the history of the congo people, for example when a story is told in song, there will be leaders in the music, the listeners or audience will join in with the choruses, or with harmonies and with percussion accompaniment. This communal music making constantly helps to strengthen the bonds between the individuals in the groups.
Dancing is performed by skilled dancers, who knows every single move and there is many dances used for many things. For example Bwambwa dance was partly put on to entertain their guests, but also to amuse them on a dark. The drums are played by young boys and the dancers would be boys who have NOT yet undergone the circumcision ceremony. And also Congo people dance for enjoyment, healing, rituals, and keeping the community close together. They were using many things to make instruments, the earth to make earth bow. This single stringed instrument is built using the earth itself as a sound-box. A hole is dug and a thin piece of wood placed over it and pegged firmly down. A pliable sapling is driven into the ground about