Essay on Music Video Critique

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English 101
Music Video Critique

Music has always been a form of expression. The artist is able to convey their feelings through song, getting their listener engaged and sensing the same emotion. In today’s world, there are less and less songs that people can connect with. Songs try to be more catchy and promote good times that people should be feeling, instead of the sensations that they actually feel. One such man that has yet to succumb to this is Five for Fighting’s John Ondrasik. He has written several songs about love, life, and human imperfections. One of his most famous songs that brought him into the spotlight was his single “Superman (It’s Not Easy)”. This song is one of the greatest songs of the decade
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As they zoom in on John, the couple disappear. This is when the song ends and Ondrasik lays down on the mattress with his wife and child. This is another way to show that Ondrasik has found what he is looking for. Woods are often associated with being alone. In the beginning Ondrasik was alone, but in the end he was with his family in the woods. Also, the couple who were dancing looked a lot like a younger version of Ondrasik and his wife. During this scene John sings about “looking for special things inside of me” when the couple are introduced into the video. They were most likely representative of Ondrasik and his wife when they first fell in love. Ondrasik is reflecting on how his wife is so special to him. As I said in the situation before, I don’t think that the small focus towards married people would detract from the overall meaning. In fact, some audience members who aren’t in a similar situation would like it a lot more because it is something that they hope to aspire to later on in life. Five For Fighting also includes other examples of how people are just people. One clip shows that there is a man tossing a ball up. As the man fades, a little boy appears, wearing the same thing and tossing the same ball up. This shows that at heart this man (who may possibly be some famous athlete) is just a kid who loves to play with a ball. He may be seen as something else to the world, but he is takes enjoyment out of something