Essay about My Cancer Experience - George St.

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A person Once Told me that if someone lives a perfect and uneventful life, then that person would not actually be living a life at all; the issues and obstruction in life are what make your life an interesting one thats worth living. Even at my younger age, I knew that this was true. When I was 15 years old, I was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in my right hip, a bone cancer too common in growing children/teens my age. I left school in the 10th grade to undergo daily treatments of chemotherapy. For about 7months,life threatening chemicals were pumped through a medical port near my heart. My body had no choice but to keep up with medicine and my tumor. My hair fell off, and life became increasingly difficult. Friends at school kept contact with me in the beginning, but soon, their lack of compassion strained our relationships; I stopped speaking to most of them shortly after I had my surgery

It felt like i was disconnected from the outside world. family members were afraid, but kept pushing me to reconnect with my friends and go out. I never did,i do now but not as much as i used to and I would criticize their actions no matter what they did. While in the hospital I was stuck in a self-made bubble, watching the rest of the world change and evolve, but before I knew it, my course of chemotherapy was over, and I returned to a completely different life at school. It was hard to fit back into such a carefree and unaffected place.It annoyed me in a way, seeing and hearing people complain about the littlest thing like how they hate to walk in gym class, climb the stairs or exercise because those things are something that i can never do