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Chris Rossi
My Desirable Society A desirable society is one that people wish to live in with the least amount of crime and a stable self-sustaining economy. Where everyone helps everyone else and no one is ever harmed and sickness is all but gone. Where the government is fair and just with everyone and there is utter certainty in the decisions made. A desirable society is one that has everyone up to the same exact education as the next person. A social quality in a desirable society is where everyone is capable of having all the latest things which gets rid of jealous murder. Natural births are also part of a desirable society. In contrast to what it is in the Brave New World where there is no economy and everyone is controlled by the controllers and they die at a young age. There are no natural births or commitments of any kind. Education is gone and no one learns anything but their job in the BNW society. My 50 year plan to change the BNW is to start with the government. Start by removing the controllers and adding in a committee system. Then I will move to make the economy an economy again so that people can pursue their own jobs and make their own choices. Then I will bring back education but in a whole new way so that the people can gather their own knowledge and not be fed it by sleep mesmerizing techniques. In terms of social improvements people won’t be so promiscuous they will marry for life. Also the people will learn morals and Christian ethics in schools, not necessarily forcing theological knowledge down their throats just the Christian ethics. The savages would be brought into society and taught to be members of society with the freedom to keep practicing their religions. Government in the BNW is run by ten world controllers. Which is a very bad idea because that is just ten people in control of the whole entire world. In my opinion governments around the world should be setup with a committee systems to ensure rules are followed, and the controller system should be thrown out. Individuals would have to be self-governed, but not without a set of rules. The constitution would be remade by the world committees and put into action. The cops would be a completely different society the cops would be the toughest people in society and would have their own district setup so they have the space to train. The cops would be enforcers of the entire world. The leaders of the cops would be judges when the cops bring people in. These leaders would be a separate committee from the other committees who control the nations. War won’t exist because of the cops. Country committees decide policies and the small amount of changes that should occur if this is a perfect society. While most of the economics and well-being of businesses are left in the care of the people. There is no welfare or social security because of the improvements in health care and medicine which is mostly in the comfort of your own house. This society votes on the ideas of the committees deciding whether they are relevant or not. Traditional education would be reinstituted into the world but in a more organized manner. The buildings that were used to create people would be transformed into schools from Kindergarten to college. Though some buildings would have to be built because the buildings would be districted by the people. Education will be like a private schools which will allow for a higher education for everyone. Schools will be supported by the people and this will ensure good education for everyone. There will be options as to whether or not you want a religion class. Everything else like math, science, history, ethics, psychology, English, and a few other language classes will be mandatory. Ethics is a mandatory class because in this class you are taught what to think about the world around you and the way you are to interact with the people around you. While in school you will also have to play a sport every