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Amityville Horror:
A Real True Haunting?

On the website,, by Ric Osuna, argues that the Amityville house was truly haunted. The author of the website gives many good argumentative details on why it is haunted and makes you view and realize that the hauntings that are occurring are evident. When I was first logging into the website, it started by giving the background of the author. Ric Osuna studied the house for over three years and actually took the time to investigate the cases behind the murders, made it stand out from other websites. It gives comfort because it acquires good feedback on the author, and allowing many other visitors of the site to get a better understanding of the legitimately truth. Having so many key details elaborating pieces that expose the truth and realness behind the mysterious occurrences that happened when the DeFeos family still lived. Also on the website, the viewer can do so much to get many of their answers on seeing the truth of the hauntings that occurred in the Amityville house. The viewer gets to ask questions by opening new links to continue research of the murders, seeing the feedbacks of the hauntings such as dates, when the article was published, encounters in being in the house, interviews of the neighbors, and also videos that were taken throughout the authors inquiry. The main colors that are displayed on the website are read and black. I believe the colors were chosen to portray its own type of story. It gave me the imagery that the red color is not just a red, but a bloody red, it resembles to the blood of the murders that occurred. The color black show the darkness behind the walls of the house; it really caught my attention in believing the house was haunted. Amityville Files, by Eric Walter takes a total different approach to the story of the DeFeos. Eric made the website to endorse people on investigating and taking their own personal time to verify the truth of the murders. The site includes a vast archive of information, allowing the viewer to do their own research on not only agreeing that the Amityville was truly haunted but also disagreeing that it was not. Agreeing that the house hauntings are still happening, that people be compelled to take the time to investigate and witness what is occurring in the DeFeos home. It disagrees and argues that it was all a myth brought up by the American government to start controversy to its fellow people. Although it gives both aspects to generate viewers the direction towards agreeing or disagreeing, the web page still contributes a good magnitude of information for each of two sides. It gives many other links to different websites to get fellow viewers of the site to continue research to come to a conclusion on what they are most interested in believing. The website allows viewers to get one on one contact with the web designer by video chatting, sending email, sending a text message, and even giving a call. Having many sources to choose from: the book,