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NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Equality and Diversity
Unit 1: Exploring Equality and Diversity


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Name:Paul Mcsorley

1. What is meant by diversity?
Diversity is understanding, accepting and respecting that each individual is unique, this can be ethnicity, sexual orientation, race, age, religion and many more. Each person has there own unique diverse personality that can bring understanding and knowledge to everyone else.

2. Describe the community you live in. Highlight some of the variations you may observe in terms of:
Interests : the main interests in my community is rugby league and football, I live in a big rugby league fan based town but there are also many football fans who follow Man Utd.
Beliefs: it’s a close knit community where we believe in looking after our family and neighbours although there are a few teenagers around who enjoy disrespecting the law and other people.
Ages: range from new born to approx 80 years of age.
Lifestyles: there are varied lifestyles around, hard working families to families that are quite happy to sit around and take money from the government, families who like to take care of their health and keep fit to lazy families, there are hetrosexual families and lesbian families. People who take pride in their appearance and people who just don’t care.
Personal, social and cultural identities. As far as I know there are no church goers in our community, there is one eastern European family, one mixed race and a Chinese family.

3. Explain how the variations in question 2 contribute to the diversity of the community.
Although a small community there are many variations, there are new born babies to old age pensioners, sporty people to lazy people, hetrosexuals, lesbians, Chinese, mixed race, English, shy and quiet to noisy, employed, unemployed, various professions, each all bringing there own unique individuality to make a wide diversity of people.

4. Give some examples to explain how diversity:
Enhances your life: diversity brings knowledge, I get to learn about different cultures, listen to stories from decades ago from oap’s, listen to teens and hear what’s “hip” today. I get to see how different sexuality families cope and how they cope with prejudice from others. Sitting, listening and watching the different diversity of people can be very rewarding.
Enhances the local community: Different cultures in the community can bring knowledge about the cultures and beliefs of other countries, introduce new flavours/food into the community, teach us other ways to communicate and understand. Listening to young ones can keep us up to date with and learn about new technology.
Enhances this country.: Diversity enhances the country a great deal, if there was no diversity and we were all the same it would be a very boring place to live, As with enhancing the community the country also lavishes with new cultures, new ideas, a wide range of personalities and skills. Integration of different cultures can only lead to a better world to live in.

5. Describe what it means to respect people’s differences and why it is important to respect differences.
We all have our own differences and no two people are the same, we all have free will and although we may not agree nor like some people differences it is important to respect their differences and beliefs, respecting individual