My Grandfather, My Inspiration Essay

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Andrew Calhoun

Paper 1

Famous people are not my source of influence. I look for a more personal connection with someone I actually know for inspiration; not some person or celebrity that I have seen on T.V. or read about in a book, because who really knows what famous people do or have gone through in their lives. Inspiration and admiration comes from my heart. I look to people who have made a difference in my life and that I know on a personal level. One person who has and continues to greatly influence my life is my grandfather, Clemson Calhoun. My grandfather for his hardworking attitude, his lively charisma and loving essence influences me. He may not be a celebrity, but in Lansing, Michigan he is well known by most and in my eyes he is just as famous as any celebrity is. Clemson Calhoun was born Alabama to his single mother, where he lived in poverty. My grandfather by no means had a comfortable life with little parental support, as his father was absent from the picture and his mother worked two jobs to barley support her six children. He, being the eldest child, started working at a young age to help his mother support their family. Hard is something he always had to do in life. Nothing came to him easy, but he never let anything get him down. Once an adult, he opened his own store, Calhoun’s Market, in Lansing. Here he made a living, as well as helped people in need. His life started in poverty and, through his hard work, his life has prospered. He now