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Lighthouse Child and Family Development Center
I am writing this letter out of concern for Lighthouse Child and Family Development Center. Over the past several months there have been several occurrences that I feel need to be addressed. It has been hard for me to say these things, but I feel that I’m doing the right thing by writing this letter. The first thing that I want to address is the petty cash situation. On Wednesday the 30th of October, I had asked Kim if there was any cash for me to go buy milk for the center due to the fact that I was completely out for the week. She told me that there was not any petty cash. I then asked her what I was supposed to do since I was out of milk. Before responding, she paused for a few seconds and then rudely stated that she had $25 that she could give me for milk and that I would have to make it last. I waited for a few minutes for her to get done with the things that she was doing and then went back and asked her if she wanted me to get the milk or if she just wanted to pick it up in the morning on her way to work. She looked at me and said “umm I’m not getting your milk for you” with a really rude tone in her voice. She quickly went to her office and snatched up her purse and got 25 dollars out of it and handed it to me. I didn’t say anything else to her and left. On my way to get the milk, I had stopped over at the other center to turn in my paper work since I’m trying to get on as a closer over there. With everything held inside I just couldn’t hold it in anymore. I told Lori and Linda everything that had gone on and the things I was going through over at FBC. I told them everything about the petty cash and the stress that Kim has brought on me. Since I began working at FBC I have had to deal with a lot of stress due to Kim. After my Springfield Grocer order last month, my milk began to expire and I asked Kim what I should do about all the gallons of milk that were expiring. She told me, “Well, if it still smells and tastes ok then you need to just stay quiet and keep using it”. I did not feel comfortable with doing this at all, but I didn’t know what to do. There was another incident with a student named Zoey. I’m not sure what exactly went on with this situation but I know for two days Kim lectured me about exactly what I needed to say to the people that would be coming in and talking to the center about what had happened. During the two days of Kim telling me what to say to them she says to me “You just need to say what I have told you and nothing else. You seem to talk too much about things that don’t need to be talked about, just say what I told you and keep your mouth shut about anything else.”
Another thing that I feel needs to be addressed is her bringing in food from her own home for me to serve. I was out of all fruit and didn’t have anything to serve so she gave me some frozen fruit dated 2012 on the bag to serve to the center, once again I felt so horrible about having to serve this to the center, but I didn’t know anything else to do.
As I’m writing this letter I just feel my nerves going crazy and my palms sweating. The reason that I have not came out and said anything when all of these situations occurred was because Kim has made me so nervous about talking to anyone. Every time I say anything to anyone she comes to me and tells me that I must go through her about anything. When David asked me about the milk machine up stairs I had told him I was unsure what was going on with it and I know that we were