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Dear Mrs. Dorobis

Honestly, I don’t know where to start this year has probably been one of the roughest years I’ve had. I first would like to say that this letter was my idea and my idea alone nobody else told me to do this and I had a few adults check this letter to make sure it was respectful and polite. My grandmother as I’m sure you know has cancer and is dying and my father hasn’t been in my life for almost a year if not more due to drugs and other issues. I say this not to get sympathy or pity from you but for you to understand how my life has been outside of school. I understand you yourself have had struggles with family but that does not excuse the way you have treated everyone at the school. You as an adult, a teacher were supposed to be a role model somebody we could easily talk to or look up to but instead you were the opposite. We feared you, we did not want to be around you afraid that you may snap at us, or even intimidate us to get your way. If there was one thing you taught me this year it was how not to act as an adult and it better prepared me on how to react to people who treat me like the way you have. You belittled us as high school adults, we feel like you teared us down instead of building us up and made us feel less than we were, you didn’t respect us and in return we didn’t respect you and for that I am truly sorry we should have been better acting and respected you no matter what the case was. The things that you have done this year have almost destroyed me mentally and physically and other students at the school making us feel angry, sad, confused, and even to the point of us not wanting to return back to school. Believe me when I say nothing breaks me, but you had the power to break me down and you did, you pushed me to the point of almost depression of going to school. On a Godly perspective if anything you have pushed me further away from God due to your actions. I want to make this very clear that the point of this letter is not to bash you in anyway but to make you understand the pain that you have caused all of the students the stress, the anger, and the sadness. I accept that we as